What's Your Survivor Story?

Brave. Bold. Change.

Not feeling alone changes everything.

It’s time to break the silence in a new, bold, and powerful way. Blue Hearts Project gives survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse a platform to SHARE THEIR STORIES. Survivors heal… but more importantly, they help others in the process. Together, let’s cast a light on what abuse really looks like. Share a story. Read a story. Learn, speak up, and help drive change.

Our Big Vision

Survivor Stories

This site offers you, a survivor, with a platform to safely and even anonymously share your story. This can be healing for you, and help others feel less alone and seek help.

Bystander Bravery

The largest population of individuals involved in the passive perpetuation of abuse are bystanders. BHP educates everyone to know what to do and how to help.

A Symbol for Change

The “Blue Heart” signifies solidarity, as well as zero tolerance for abuse. A friend can send a blue heart emoji, or a school can display the symbol to indicate support.

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I met my partner through a friend. Her boyfriend worked with him. The beginning was beautiful! I thought he was ...
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Today, I am stronger, more independent….

We met in middle school, and we grew up together. He was very sweet, a smooth talker. He’d do anything ...
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Do you have a story?

If you’re a survivor of dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse, consider sharing. Our simple questionnaire will prompt you with questions and you’ll have the option to remain entirely anonymous.

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