He became controlling, monitoring my phone, then got physical…

He became controlling, monitoring my phone, then got physical…

We met through my dad ( surprisingly ). In the beginning, he was so sweet, made me feel special, and was always down for my spontaneous adventures. I was happy, I never would of suspected him of being an abuser.

Eventually, he started becoming very controlling, monitoring my phone, going through my phone while I was sleeping, wanted me to spend all my time with him, wouldn’t meet/hangout with my friends, controlled what I wore, who I spoke to, if I was going to be on time for work. It then progressed to him throwing me on the ground time and time again while I would get up and run away in between. It was like a game to him. While I would be on the ground he would kick me in the ribs multiple times knocking the air out of me. He then took my glasses from me so I couldn’t see. Following that he picked me up off the ground by my hair and put me in a headlock to where I could not breathe and drug me back to his vehicle. He also had pushed me down a flight of stairs. He would pin me up all the time to where I could not breathe and wouldn’t stop.

During this time, I was very confused, I dealt with a lot of anger and frustration issues. It was the darkest moments of my life. I had absolutely no connection to anyone or anything. I hated myself to the point where I felt no purpose every day for 3 months post abuse.

Today, one year later, I am still struggling with PTSD. I think about what he did to me daily. I have been seeing a therapist for 7 months to recover. It’s a process. On the bright side, his case did go to a jury trial and I am now currently waiting for the case. He is facing charges of prison time for up to 4 years.

To anyone experiencing abuse… Go to the police. I know it’s extremely hard and you feel guilty but do it. You will be thankful that you did. It might take a long time to understand, but during the process I did not want to go through with it at all and now I am so grateful I did. After going to the police, I had multiple girls reach out to me and inform me I was not the only one and that he had hurt them too. More than likely if he is abusing you, he HAS and WILL abuse other women. Put the man in jail for breaking the law. Also, after you have left, go see a therapist. They are amazing. They assure you what you are feeling is normal and that you are not alone in this. Remember, it is a long healing process. It has been a year since I left and I still think about it everyday.