When I left, I told as many people as I could about my experience…

Wet met on an online dating site and had a great few first dates. He was easy going and we had a fun, great connection. Eventually, he became upset when I spent time with my friends and family. He screamed, yelled, drank until he passed out, and could not remember what he had said or done.

The final straw was striking me in the face. I literally thought my grown children would find me dead. I began planning my escape. I kept my cool, did not engage, grabbed my keys and walked out, leaving my dogs and called my folks and the police. He was charged with domestic violence. I found out later that he had previous charges of felony assault, no current license, jail time, etc… He eventually walked away from the charges and went on to do the same thing to several other women. I am very grateful to have left with my dignity intact and alive!!!

During the relationship, I felt guilty, anxious, sad and afraid I would die. When I left, I did a year of intensive therapy, attended woman’s support group, and told as many people as I could about my experience.

To anyone experiencing abuse… You are an awesome person who deserves to be happy. No one should ever hurt you, either emotionally or physically. Don’t be afraid to walk away. If it feels bad…leave!!!!


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