I was doing everything “right” …Why is everything always my fault?

We met at work. At first, things were AMAZING!! Too good to be “true love.” We had an immediate connection. Eventually when things changed, he was controlling. There was manipulation and obvious lies – even went so far as to tell me he had cancer! During all of this, I felt confused. I was doing everything “right,” so why still the rollercoaster? Why is everything always my fault??
Today, I feel relieved, but a piece of me still is embarrassed to admit that I allowed myself to get into that situation. I know logically and rationally I dodged a bullet, but still emotionally scarred.
To anyone experiencing abuse… Do not ever, ever let someone tell you how to live your life. Do not entertain a relationship with someone who takes zero blame for anything and who belittles you one minute and tells you how much he loves you two seconds later.

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