I never spoke up to my mom or anyone…

When I was 6 years old, my mom went on a date with him. In the beginning everything was normal my mom was happy. He treated me like a daughter he never had. We went on vacations and had a bunch of fun as a family. Eventually, he started acting weird, offering to tuck me in at night, even though he really wasn’t my dad. He would compliment how I was changing though life in a way a parent shouldn’t do.

When everything started, I had no idea what happened. I was scared, lost, felt unloved. I thought it was normal because I was told it was normal. It happened over years and years. I never spoke up to my mom or anyone because I didn’t even know what to say to them.

Today, I still have issues at times where I will cry. My sexual relationship with my fiancé gets rough especially during the times it would happen. I panic. I will sit and cry because I don’t want to think about what had happened. I have never gotten help for it. I just avoided it for so long but I did reach out to a boyfriend when my dad was getting incarcerated and it helped me so much.

To anyone experiencing abuse… Speak up! I know it is hard, if you need someone to help just reach out to a friend. They will help you!

Katelynn N.