My body was paralyzed in fear and shock.

I met this boy through my friend. At first, it was fun, just a group of us hanging out in his dorm room. Things changed when he “wanted to show me something in his room,” and I followed, and then he locked the door and sexually assaulted/raped me. I gave no effort. I felt helpless and my body was paralyzed in fear and shock.

Today, I still get angry and sad sometimes scared when I think about It, but I got a counselor and she has helped me be able to talk about It and realize that I am a strong independent young woman.

To anyone who has experienced assault… My advice is that you have a voice and you should not sit in silence about what happened to you. Trust me I tried to do that but It wasn’t working I thought my parents would look at me differently and I thought It was my fault. Your parents love you no matter what they will never judge you. Yes It hurts them a lot to know It happened to their own child but this is something that needs to be talked about and not something to bury and never talk about. You are not alone.