Surviving childhood sexual abuse, driving change…

My abuser was a member of my family. At first, everything was normal. I was just a baby with not a care in the world. Then, my stepfather sexually abused me at the young age of 7 years old. I was a scared, nervous, and voiceless young girl that would endure this abuse until the age of 17 years old.

All those years, I would feel afraid and didn’t feel the need to tell anyone. I didn’t have the knowledge of what to do. When I tried to speak up, I was told to drop it. Many years later, I found my voice suddenly shouting my story as loud as I can, and I continue to do so today helping many! I believe it’s important to speak about what happened to you – to help you and to stop the abuser from continuing to abuse you or others.

Today, I am a healthy, happy 56 year old with so much power and control of my life! To heal, I speak my story to all that I can and even authored my story for you to read the entire story.

To anyone experiencing abuse… Tell, Tell and Tell. For those approached by survivors, listen to them when they want to talk to you. Don’t ask, “why didn’t you tell sooner” and don’t tell them “to forget about it.” Listen, believe them, and offer support.


Kathy P.